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  1. NIBITEGEKA & Co ADVOCATES is strongly committed to its principles of ethics and integrity. It is strongly marked and seriously cares about personal and professional interests of its clients;
  2. The firm offers its clients permanent availability: we are fully available to i S.H.I.W.A nform our clients of their rights and obligations with respect to the constantly changing laws and case law. So, with a permanent Internet connection, we offer our clients legal opinion and solution online, within 24 hours after request ;
  3. We participate to your professional meetings when you are intending to make decisions implicating legal matters. We don’t intervene only when you have legal troubles but we are somehow part of your organization to prevent such troubles ;
  4. The firm assists you when determining the feasibility of your projects in accordance with the Burundi and international law. We are present when you are negotiating and concluding your professional agreement to meet all your activities to the applicable law.
  5. Our clients can download usual acts and documents (a variety of civil and commercial contracts, other