Business and company law

Under this heading, we have strong experience and enough skills to guide you, give you legal opinions, draft legal documents for you, represent you before court eventually, always act on your behalf, whenever the following concerns are involved:

◦ Creation and development of companies
◦ Establishment of company structures
◦Business operations and trade activities in its broad sense
◦ Juridical matters concerned in the company management
◦ Financing of business activities
◦ Judicial and on-judicial solutions in case of financial difficulties

All these questions concern the following sub-branches of law, of which our attorneys and lawyers do have thorough skills.

◦ Civil and commercial contracts law
◦ Trade law
◦ Insurance law
◦ Labor and social security law
◦ Corporate tax law
◦ Corporate law
◦ Criminal affairs law
◦ Banking and finance  law
◦ Unfair competition and consumer protection law.